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Thanks to a very prompt and enthusiastic response to our email survey (over 500 positive responses thus far).  We are now ready to proceed with the second iteration of the - “Greatest Mother of Them All” reunions - the “Marine F-4 Phantom Phoray 2022”.  Based on favorable contract packages, potential continuation of COVID concerns/restrictions in California and a desire for a centralized U.S. location with easy access, Dallas, Texas has been selected as the site of preference.


The primary goal is to bring together all participants of the Marine Corps community (aircrew, maintenance, administrative and all personnel who have supported the F-4) for recognition of their exceptional contribution to Marine Aviation History.  Speakers for this event include current and former USMC Aviation senior leadership, defense industry partners and Marine Phantom trailblazers.  Family and friends are absolutely invited.

The selected hotel is the Hyatt Regency Dallas, Texas which recently hosted the highly successful 2021 Marine Corps Aviation Association’s annual symposium.  The event dates are Wednesday, 26 October through Sunday, 30 October 2022.  Early arrivals will be Wednesday, 26 October, and checkout is Sunday, 30 October.  The room rate is $154 + taxes per night (1-2 people/room). To date we have blocked over 440 rooms and hope to grow this number even more.  We encourage each of you to forward this information to your Phantom friends.  If you plan to attend, please consider reserving your room as soon as possible so we can gauge potential additional requirements.  A room deposit is required but you can always cancel your room later and get a full refund.  A link for hotel reservation information follows.

We have again contracted with Armed Forces Reunions, Inc. (AFRI) to manage the reunion planning.  The link for AFRI's registration page follows.  Online registration with AFRI will require a debit/credit card payment.  Mail-in registrations can be paid via check or money order.  


Additionally, any help you can provide locating and contacting Phantom pholks that we’ve lost contact with is appreciated.  This will help us greatly with planning and logistics.  If you have friends who do not have email access, please print and mail the program and registration page to them.  You can order shirts, caps and other memorabilia when registering and at the onsite Coffee Mess booth.  

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