After retiring the mighty Phantom in 1992, locating as many Phantom phylers, phixers and phamily members as possible has been an interesting challenge to say the least.  Most contact information (primarily emails) has been acquired from the 2012 reunion database, merging/reconciling about (15+) disparate, homemade spreadsheet rosters, email cc lists (with permission), etc.  There are currently about 1,300 names, call-signs and/or email addresses on the master roster.  

The Phoray team welcomes any and all assistance in locating Phantom squadron mates/personnel and phamily.  Dig out your cruise books and reach out to everyone you're in contact with, even if they are on the lists below. Send any edits or any additional information regarding names/call-signs that are not on any of the lists to so they can be included in the next set of rosters.

As an aside, we are not publishing any email addresses, phone numbers or home addresses.  We have had numerous pholks ask that we not divulge their personal information through public accessible media.  We are working through the mechanics of how you can reach pholks and still protect their private information.

Now that we're getting close to the merge plot, only the pholks that we have confirmed/engaged contact information are listed below.  Hence, if you don't see any of your squadron mates listed, we have invalid or no contact information for them.  Please reach out to anyone not listed and for whom you have contact information for, especially those of you that keep squadron rosters.  It doesn't hurt to ping pholks 2-3 times!


This data is current as of 9.7.2022 (previous posts were 8.6.2022 and 7.21.2022)


Confirmed Contact Information