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NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen)

The purpose of the NOTAM tab is to keep you informed about the Phoray and events by easily accessing information segmented into NOTAMs.  If you're late to the brief or just checking into the squadron, you can easily see all the previous comms.  Merely click on a NOTAM link and find out the latest information about a specific topic without having to search through your email trails.



This website is for information only.  You have to register through the Armed Forces Reunion, Inc. website for the Phoray, golf, tours and to purchase Coffee Mess merchandise.  This is the AFRI link:

If you registered and want to add events or make a (another) donation, retrieve the registration email you received from AFRI and click on thel link "To modify this registration, click here."

The Phoray is not just for Phantom Phlyers.  It is also for Phantom Phixers, spouses, admin personnel, Phlight Surgeons, etc.  Please forward this email to all of your Phantom-related contacts.

By now you have received your complete cross country package for the weekend of 26-30 October 2022. Your Phantom Phoray Planning Phamily (PackRat Packard, Bull Pratt, MuleDog Herrin, Hammer Valentino, Soupy Campbell, Easy McDonald, Molly/Too Tall Dey and Spider Nyland) have been at this now for some time to ensure that your experience is absolutely a boola boola equivalent.

Hopefully you have thoroughly read your packet (yes, there is a test) and you are already packing the old cross country kit with plans to be present for duty in Dallas. No telling when we will have a chance to do this again, so this is a must make!! All of us have a lot more runway behind us than in front of us, and sadly, we have no idea what board we are passing or even if we are already in the over run.

We need your presence and this will be a cross country for the record books. See you at the merge.

Burner, burner, burner - head to Dallas.

God Bless & SF, Spider

Greetings Phantom Phlyers, Pherrets, Phixers, Phamily and Phriends,


A little update now that you have had time to review your XC Packets and ROE.  Apparently not all you have read the SPINS carefully because we have many more Pholks with room reservations than we have registered for all the events - NOT GOOD.  Tamer, Lancer, Fokker, Bull and PackRat have found time to register - please do so soonest!! Remaining slots for excursion events are limited!


Please also reach out to your old Phantom mates and ensure that they have received all the info so that they too can participate.  Our lists and transmissions may have missed a few and we want to reach as many as we can get.


This is going to be a superb event and given the passing of the Phantom (not those of us who flew her), it could be our last chance until we are executing High Flight!!


Zip up your speed slacks, kick the tires, light the fires and sign up soonest.


SF, Spider

Greetings Phantom Phlyers, Phantom Pherrets, Phantom Phixers, Phantom Phamily and Phantom Phans,


SPINS Update dtd 22 July 2022:

Load Plan - the Phantom Phoray Coffee Mess is now open, proceed directly to and enjoy the choice of Phantom items to adorn your body, your I love me wall and your memories for the rest of your days - essential for all on this message!  Load up early!

Foot Stomper - Once again to be sure that you read and comply with the original SPINS - you must sign up at the AFRI website to ensure event attendance and proper wheel well G accounting.  Also, sign up for your hotel room - they are going fast!  BLUF - get your kneeboard, credit card and pencil and sign up immediately so we can better support you and your event!!

Please note that there is an option to donate money in support of the Phoray if you unable to attend in person. The 4 star rated “General Fund” has in fact received its first check in the amount of $200 from the Fighting Pearl.  Thanks Pearl and congratulations on tying the knot this past weekend.

Please help us locate other Phantom Pholks that we have missed. Given most of your ages (not mine of course) this could be out last great Hoorah!!Gate, Gate, get this done ASAP!!

SF, Spider

Warning Order (this is the first email blast comm)

Thanks to a very prompt and enthusiastic response to our email survey (over 500 positive responses thus far).  We are now ready to proceed with the second iteration of the - “Greatest Mother of Them All” reunions - the “Marine F-4 Phantom Phoray 2022”.  Based on favorable contract packages, potential continuation of COVID concerns/restrictions in California and a desire for a centralized U.S. location with easy access, Dallas, Texas has been selected as the site of preference.


The primary goal is to bring together all participants of the Marine Corps community (aircrew, maintenance, administrative and all personnel who have supported the F-4) for recognition of their exceptional contribution to Marine Aviation History.  Speakers for this event include current and former USMC Aviation senior leadership, defense industry partners and Marine Phantom trailblazers.  Family and friends are absolutely invited.

The selected hotel is the Hyatt Regency Dallas, Texas which recently hosted the highly successful 2021 Marine Corps Aviation Association’s annual symposium.  The event dates are Wednesday, 26 October through Sunday, 30 October 2022.  Early arrivals will be Wednesday, 26 October, and checkout is Sunday, 30 October.  The room rate is $154 + taxes per night (1-2 people/room). To date we have blocked over 440 rooms and hope to grow this number even more.  We encourage each of you to forward this information to your Phantom friends.  If you plan to attend, please consider reserving your room as soon as possible so we can gauge potential additional requirements.  A room deposit is required but you can always cancel your room later and get a full refund.  A link for hotel reservation information follows.

We have again contracted with Armed Forces Reunions, Inc. (AFRI) to manage the reunion planning.  The link for AFRI's registration page follows.  Online registration with AFRI will require a debit/credit card payment.  Mail-in registrations can be paid via check or money order.  


Additionally, any help you can provide locating and contacting Phantom pholks that we’ve lost contact with is appreciated.  This will help us greatly with planning and logistics.  If you have friends who do not have email access, please print and mail the program and registration page to them.  You can order shirts, caps and other memorabilia when registering and at the onsite Coffee Mess booth.  


If you would like to make a donation to a squadron mate or family member, you can go to the AFRI website registration page and input the amount and the person to be recognized.  If it is for the golf tournament, please state as such.  The honorees will be recognized during the Phoray's events.

Corporal Don Graves

Corporal Don Graves, Iwo Jima warrior, will be the Phoray's Guest of Honor.  Cpl. Graves will open the Saturday evening banquet by singing the National Anthem and the Marine Corps Hymn.  At 97 years young, Cpl. Don is truly an inspiration.  Below is his bio.  

Don Graves was born in Detroit, MI May 3, 1925.  Don Dropped out of school at 17 and with his parents permission entered the U.S. Marine Corps on August 17, 1942.  Initially assigned to a unit that shipped to New Zealand, Don drove a truck with a 37 MM gun mounted in the back.  Returning from that deployment, Don was put into the newly formed 5th Marine Division. 


After training in Hilo, Hawaii, the division was shipped out to the invasion of Iwo Jima.  Don was part of an assault squad on carried a flame thrower.  As part of D Company, 2nd Battalion, 28th Marines, Don landed by amtrac on Green Beach 1 in the third wave on February 19, 1943.  On February 23 Don was on the rim of Mr. Suribachi just a few yards from a group of Marines who were raising a large U.S. flag while Joe Rosenthal took the most iconic photograph of the Pacific war.  Don fought on Iwo Jima until the Division was relieved in late March.  Don landed with over 300 Marines in his unit and when relieved, 18 Marines were in shape to walk off the island. 


Don eventually became a pastor and retired after 32-years in the ministry.

Coffee Mess Update, UPDATED 10.10.2022

Unfortunately, the Coffee Mess had to secure early due to supply issues.  There will be "very limited" items being sold at the Phoray.

If you have been contacted by Rhonda "Hammer" Valentino (, please respond to her as soon as possible!!!!  So check you mailbox and/or spam pronto!

Golf Tournament, UPDATED 10.10.2022

Greetings Phantom Phoray Golfers,


Thank you for providing us input to facilitate pairing y’all up.  We’ve done our best to comply with your requests and in cases of overlap we gave priority to the earlier request.  You can refer to the attached pairings to see who you are with and IF, we made a glaring error please advise and we will try to fix it.


As a reminder, our primary objective is: for everyone to have PHUN!  That being said, there will be a casual competition and several on-course contests that may provide the opportunity for you to take home some beer money.  For those desiring to participate, the competition will be a team scramble.  If you are not familiar with a scramble game, the ROE will be covered at the golf course before you tee off.  The on-course contests will consist of closest to the pin (par 3’s) and long drive contests for both men and women.  In the event you choose not to participate in the team event, you will still be eligible to win any of the other contests.


As a reminder, the Phoray Golf will take place on Thursday, October 27th at the highly regarded Bear Creek Golf Club.  Check-in at the clubhouse will begin at 12:00.  The golf course is about a 25-minute drive from the Hyatt Regency, so plan to arrive in time to check-in and warm up before you head out on the course (range balls are provided at no cost).  Teams will tee-off at the same time via a shotgun start on the East Course at 13:30.  At check-in you will receive a box lunch (includes a water) and 2 drink tickets that can be used anytime during the day.


There are no additional costs associated with your day of golf unless you are renting a set of golf clubs or want to buy additional beverages.  We have advised Bear Creek that we have some golfers that need a set ($64.95; no lady sets and no left-handed mens’).  The rentals come with two sleeves of balls and tees.  Since this is a scramble and everyone will be playing best ball, pholks may consider sharing clubs with team members if that’s agreeable.  Green fee, cart, range balls, lunch, two drink tickets and entry into the team and individual contests is covered by your registration fee.  


After you finish your round, you’re free to travel back to the hotel.  The Welcome Aboard Reception is 18:00 – 22:00 in the main Phoray Ready Room.  Awards will be presented at 20:00 back at the Phoray Ready Room.


Last but not least, if you are participating in the scramble please advise and if possible, let us know what your handicap or estimated score might be.  And... if you are local and have a spare set of clubs, please let Chuck “Siggy” Freund know:  


Look forward to seeing everyone!

Semper Phidelis,

Semper Phantom,

Semper Phore!

Siggy & Mule Dog

Friday Night Events and Squadron Dinners, UPDATED 10.10.2022

The following is a list of POCs for squadron suites and dinners.  Suites have been sold out at the Hyatt, so if you still want to host a squadron suite, you can call on a squadron that has a suite and see if you can merge with them.  Same for dinners.

Phantom Phoray Squadron Dinners

VMFA-115 “Silver Eagles”           Charlie Tutt                   

VMFA-451 “Warlords”                  Lee “Luther” Futch              

VMFA-531 “Gray Ghost”              Rich Elliott                 

VMFA-212 “Lancers”                    J D Loucks                           

VMFA-323 “Death Rattlers”          Lon Getlin                     

VMFP/VMCJ “Rhinos”                  Tom “Eagle” Wilson   

VMFA-232 “Red Devils”                Mark “QB Dog” Johnson                                                                            

VMFA-232 “Red Devils”                Jay "Shed" Kuenzle     

Phantom Phoray Squadron Suites

VMFA-232 “Red Devils”         Jerry “Pagan” Temple      

                                                  Kelly Almond                      

                                                  Rich “Taco” Bell                   

VMFP/VMCJ “Rhino”              John “Stuff” Pastuf         

Marine Corps University, USMC History Division, UPDATED 9.7.2022

The Marine Corps University, USMC History Division will support the Phoray by sending Field Interviewers to interview (audio only, no video) those with Vietnam Phantom (related) experience.  Prospect interviewees are any Phantom phyler, phixer, base personnel, Marine and Air Force FAC-As with Vietnam time.  

​This could very well be the last chance for this many Vietnam Phantom (related) veterans to be in one location of which will more easily facilitate the interviews of Vietnam vets by the MCU History Division.  Your stories and experiences are important to document and preserve the mighty Phantom's place in aviation history! 


You can sign up now for an interview date/time slot at this MCU website or we will assign you one after registration closes.

Phantom Phoray 2022: Vietnam Interviews with USMC History Division (

Correction from last post:  The interviews will not be transcribed.  The audio interview will be available through the Marine Corps University, USMC History Division archives

To the best of our knowledge, the following list of Phoray attendees served in Vietnam (those in red have already been interviewed).  If you served in Vietnam and not listed below, please go ahead and sign up for an interview at the above MCU link.  Then contact Al “Walrus” Nolan (MCU interview coordinator) ASAP so we can get you on the list:

Below are example interviews (there are several hundred) that were completed in-country during the war.  These are provided by the MCU History Division, Oral History Archives.  The link below is how one requests an interview. The number in front of each listing is the recording number.  This number identifies the interview for archivists at the History Division.

You may email your request at:

The digitized catalog with all the Vietnam interviews (about 10,000+) may be found at this link:

On this page is also a catalog of “Career Interviews” these are with prominent officers and the highlights of their Marine careers are discussed.  These catalogs are word searchable.  Interviews are available by contacting the History Division. 

38. Smith, Maj Keith A Movement of VMFA-531 to Vietnam, 10 Apr-15 Jun 65

40. Still, GySgt Cornelius F Experience with Defense Company, VMFA-531, Apr-Jun 65

425. Sheahan, Maj R.R. Operational capabilities of F-4B in Vietnam 1 Aug-Dec 66

1048. Millsaps, LCpl R.D. Small unit action (U) (VMFA (AW-232)), Mar 66-Apr 67

1719. McCord, 1stLt J.R. A close air support mission (VMFA-542) Feb 67

1720. McCord, 1stLt J.R. A TPQ mission (VMFA-542) Jul 67

1722. Tener, Capt F.S. A close air support mission in support of Operation SWIFT 9 Sep 67 VMFA-115)

1723. Benson, Capt S.L. A direct air support mission in support of Operation KINGFISHER  VMFA-115 Sep 67

1724. Hatton, Capt F.L. A close air support mission in support of Operation DRAGON FIRE – VMFA-115 12 Sept 67

1726. Parnell, 1stLt R.E. A close air support mission in support of Operation WHEELER VMFA-115 15 Sep 67

1727. Souza Jr., Sgt H. Duties of an aircraft engineering clerk (VMFA-323) Nov 66-Sep 67

1728. Tharp, Sgt E.E. Duties of an aircraft ordnance man (VMFA-323) Nov 66

1729. Allen, Cpl M.E. Duties of a plane captain (VMFA-323) Oct 66-Sep 67

1730. Isbell, Cpl T.F. Duties of a plane captain (VMFA-323) Dec 66-Sep 67

1731. Kirkwood, Cpl D.J. Duties of a VMFA-323 ordnance man

1732. Ausborn, Sgt D.G. Aircraft safety and survival (VMFA-323) Sep 66-Sep 67

1733. Wade, Cpl W.L. Duties as a CNI with VMFA-323 Sep 66-Sep 67

1734. Goddard, Cpl R.J. Duties of an electronics technician with VMFA-323 Nov 66-Sep 67

1735. Volk, Sgt W.F. Duties of a fire control radar technician (VMFA-323) Mar-Sep 67

1736. Shelton, Cpl F.G. Duties of a jet engine mechanic (VMFA-323) Aug-Sep 67

1737. Caughman, Cpl M.T. Duties of a hydraulic mechanic (VMFA-115) Nov 66-Sep 67

1738. Powers, LCpl J.R. Duties of a ground support equipment man (VMFA-115) Dec 66-Sep 67

1739. Hagen, Cpl L.T. Duties of a metalsmith with VMFA-115 Nov 66-Sep 67

1740. Carnes, LCpl L.D. Duties of the VMFA-115 Safety and Survival Section Dec 66-Sep 67

1741. Allen, LCpl D.L. Duties of the VMFA-115 Safety and Survival Section Dec 66-Sep 67

1742. Stewart, Sgt C.K. Duties of an aircraft armament fire control technician (VMFA-115) May-Sep 67

1743. Wilson, Cpl E.A. Small unit action in Operation LAFYETTE 28 Feb-14 Apr 67 1a, 1f, 1h

1744. Redmond, Capt T.D. Debriefing of Capt Redmond, a FAC in Operation SWIFT 4-12 Sep 67

1835. Howell, Capt J.D. Air support of Operation DRAGON FIRE (VMFA-542) 11 Sep 67

2100. Hensor, LCpl D.J. Crash of an F-4B at Da Nang AB (MABS-11, MAG-11) 20 Nov 67

2175. Riggle, PFC C.R. Crash of an F-4B (MABS-11, MAG-11) 4 Dec 67

2413. Knolle, SSgt E.R. Technical training requirements for F-4B aircraft maintenance May 67-Jan 68, VMFA-115

2424. Emery, Maj G.P. Employment of F-8E, F-4B, and A-6A aircraft in single mission: 24-28 Jan 68 in reseeding of Sing Ben Hai River (VMA(AW)-242)

2425. Pawloski, 1stLt R.A. Experienes as RIO, VMFA-323 Dec 67-Feb 68

2426. Ballard, GySgt J.H. Rocket attack on Chu Lai Air Base, problems encountered and lessons learned, 31 Jan 68

2427. Griffing, Capt D.R. An aircraft attack on a fortified village (VMFA-115) 3 Feb 68

2548. Hagaman, LtCol H.T. VMFA-323 close air support mission and the loss of an F-4B 22 Jan 68 in Khe Sanh Area

2549. Lundquist, LtCol C.R. VMF(AW)-235 CAS and DAS mission in the Khe Sanh area 15 Feb 68

Kiely, Maj D.J. VMF(AW)-235 CAS mission in Hue City 22 Feb 68

Kiely, Maj D.J. VMF(AW)-235 CAS mission in the Khe Sanh area 25 Feb 68

O'Neal, Maj B.D. TPQ and CAS missions (VMF(AW)-235) 4 Mar 68

2793. Miller Jr., Maj H.G. F-4B CAS mission in the area of Hue/Phu Bai (VMFA-323) 19 Apr 68

2799. Cox, Capt R.T. Close air support mission near Danang, RVN (VMFA-115) Apr 68

3105. Maddux, 1stLt V.R. Eyewitness report of a downed F-4 on a CAS mission 8 Jul 68

3194. Rodriguez, Sgt S. Duties of a radar technician on the F-4B Aero-A1 Weapons system 13 Dec 66-30 Aug 68

3304. Denton Jr., Capt J.P. Ejection from an F-4 Phantom jet while on a CAS mission in the Phu Bai area, 7 Sep 68 (VMFA-115)

3305. Minahan, 1stLt D.J. The VMFA-115 Civic Action Program Jul-Sep 68

3347. Black, Maj C.E.R. A wheels-up landing of and F-4B at Chu Lai,, VMFA-314 1 Nov 68

3375. Casey, GySgt M.A. Modification of the F-4B ordnance system VMFA-542

3376. Rich, Cpl D.A. Modification of the F-4B ordnance system in VMFA-542

3379. Daly, 1stLt P.E. A mission over North Vietnam by a 9 Oct 68  VMFA-334 flight section

3380. Harrah, Capt J.F. A Tally Ho Mission (VMFA-334) Oct 68

3381. Ruffner, Cpl P.W. Rocket attack on Chu Lai AB (TADS, MABS) 5 May 68

3382. Edelen, Capt K.D. A CAS Mission (VMFA-314) 10 Sep 68

3383. Yatsko, Capt A.A. Recommendations for future planning and improvement of squadron maintenance facilities (VMFA-115)

3404. Church, 1stLt J.C. An ejection from an F-4B Aircraft 7 Sep 68, VMFA-115

3428. Schanzenbach, 1stLt D.T. The crash landing of an RF-4 and subsequent rescue of the crew, VMCJ-1 17 Sep 68

3442. Sytsma, LCpl R.J. The rescue of the crew of a crashed F-4 12 May 68 (MABS-13)

3443. Huey Jr., Capt S.P. Problems encountered in VMFA-115 supply and maintenance in RVN  Jun 68-Sep 68

3444. Carroll, 1stLt P.A. Components of a fixed-wing fighter/attack operations VMFA-115, Jun 68-Oct 68

3521. Richardson, Capt B.L. Tactical stirke procedures for A-6 aircraft with F-4 escort and flak suppression in NVN, VMFA-334

3522. Cunningham, 1stLt T.J. Observations of a RIO in RVN (VMFA-542) Aug 68-Nov 68.

3693. Yorkoff, 1stLt B.K. The crash of a F-4 due to enemy fire, VMFA-542, 22 Oct 68

4154. Toth, Capt T.A. Ground support and systems supporting the RF-4, VMCJ-1, Aug 68-Mar 69

4784. Trotti, Maj J.H. F-4 operations 65-66 & 69-70

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