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Heads up to all Marine F-4 Phantom Phlyers, Phixers, Phriends and Phans. The 2022 USMC F-4 Phantom Phoray Reunion is locked on for 26-30 October 2022 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas.  All interested pholks should email Donnie "Mule-Dog" Herrin at for further information.  Please feel free to forward this to any who may be interested, as we are already over the 500 mark in probable attendees.  You can also check out the Phoray website for the latest information:

Please use the following emails to contact any Phoray team member.

Senior Phoray Officer:  General William "Spider" Nyland,

General questions and comments:  Rick "Packrat" Packard,

If you want to take the lead or be a wingman to set up / manage a squadron suite,

Operations and PoD events:  Bill "Bull" Pratt,

Rosters, emails, website:  Donnie "Mule Dog" Herrin,

Coffee Mess (merchandise, shirts, caps, etc.):  Rhonda "Hammer" Valentino,

Programs:  Chance "Easy" McDonald,

Museums, Static Displays:  Bill "Soupy" Campbell,