Phoray Ready Room
Launch the Fighters!

Greetings Phantom Phlyers, Phixers, Pherrets, Phamily, Phriends and Phans of the Marine F-4 Phantom community.  The USMC Phantom Phoray 2022 is on! (October 26 - 30, 2022)


To ensure everyone in the Marine Phantom community is aware of the Phoray, we’re asking that you share this website link ( with anyone that is not on the list and you are in contact with.   There is also language content on the "Comm Check" tab you can cut-and-paste into your social media and forward to these pholks. 


The Phoray team is working diligently to make any and all Marine Phantom phamily aware of the upcoming reunion.  If you have not received an email regarding information about the Phoray, please email with your information so we can add you to the roster and thereafter receive the most recent information and future updates. 



As stated in the Warning Order, all formal registration and payments will be channeled through AFRI (Armed Forces Reunions Inc.).  The following links are to the official AFRI registration webpage and to the Hyatt hotel (so you can obtain the reduce group rate). 





The Phantom Phoray 2022 Team, comprised of General Bill “Spider” Nyland. Rick “PackRat” Packard, W.F. “Bull” Pratt, Donnie “Mule Dog” Herrin, Chance “Easy” McDonald, Bill “Soupy” Campbell and Rhonda “Hammer” Valentino, is ready to get the Phoray airborne, so any ideas and assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.  THE PHORAY IS AN ALL-RANKS REUNION.  HELP GET THE WORD OUT!


Semper Fidelis

Semper Phantom

The Phantom Phoray Team