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Phoray Ready Room

Greetings Phantom Phlyers, Phixers, Pherrets, Phamily, Phriends and Phans of the Marine F-4 Phantom community.  The USMC Phantom Phoray 22’s success was beyond everyone’s expectations!  The Phoray committee wants to thank each of you for either attending or supporting this great event. 


With the Phoray 22 at our 6-O’clock, the Phoray committee took the holidays to recharge and is now gearing up to capitalize on the momentum of the Phoray’s success and start envisioning the way forward for future reunions. 


There will be another email blast sent in the coming weeks with a Phoray 22 after action report and a mission statement for future reunions.  The blast will also include links to photos and videos taken throughout the Phoray as well as videos of the Saturday symposium presentations.  So once again, kudos to everyone that planned, attended and supported the Phoray 22.

Semper Fidelis

Semper Phantom

The Phantom Phoray Team


Rhonda "Hammer" Valentino


Happy New Year Phantom Phoray attendees!  Many of you who placed orders should have received them by now.  Those of you who have not received your items, it is because the provider mistakenly interchanged the logos.  They are in the process of correcting the order.  As soon as I receive the corrected items, I will ship them pronto. 


 I do have extra Phantom Spook logo golf shirts and hats.  After I send all paid orders, I will announce what items are remaining.  Thanks for all the purchases and support.  


Rhonda "Hammer" Valentino


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